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Never has a podcast had more fun analyzing the likes and differences of Millennials and Generation X. Comedians Kurt Long and Joey Bragg build bridges between generations using laughter, wit, understanding and nonsense. Joey's youthful exuberance, humor and determination are a great contrast to the more experienced Kurt's cautious skepticism and sarcasm. Together they dissect topics of the day from the perspectives of two entertainment industry professionals separated by 20+ years while providing plenty of laughs and insight. Neither claim to be experts or take themselves too seriously, so their conversations are always hilarious, cutting, and unique.
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Feb 19, 2018

It may not mean a bunch to you all, but for me, this is a miracle episode!!! Joey and Kurt recorded this a couple of weeks ago and then, because of a computer error, thought it was lost to a software crash. Then, after a deep dive into the files, we were able to extract this gem, saving it from the ashes and presenting it to you now! So enjoy this "missing" episode!

We discuss (and perform) a prostate exam, talk about our mutual Olympic fever and Curler jokes, Canadian Fetish Rap, Super Bowl results, Logan Paul, Rex Orange County concerts and finally, the history of Eugenics in America brought back to the headlines due to a criminal case where the judge asked the criminal to get sterilized. Find out about how early 1900's America inspired Hitler and what does it mean today?!

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Kurt & Joey

Feb 16, 2018

What's the "Best Picture of the Year"? Will Margot Robbie do a triple-axle over the competition on Oscar night? What does a cinematographer do? Hear us discuss and Play along with the Dudes as we fill out our Oscar ballot! And see if you can beat the Critic, as Michael Ordona joins us to give his analysis, what he thinks should win and what will. We only predict 10 categories, so you can't rely on us for your office Awards pool, but play along and see if you can beat our ballots! Send us your picks

Plus, @michaelordona gives us his spoiler-free review of BLACK PANTHER!!! Plus, the practice of white-washing Hollywood and which formerly white roles could be replaced with a more diverse cast.




Feb 16, 2018

We are perilously close to the Academy Awards telecast where the film industry awaits a big pat on the back and, hopefully, a fatter wallet. The arguments over which is the best film or performance of the year have been raging for months. SO what does make a "BEST" movie? Or what even qualifies it to be a nominee? Freelance film critic, Michael Ordona talks about his criteria for a great film. He also discusses Oscar winners Past and Future, the ones that don't deserve the accolades and the ones he thinks were snubbed.

At about 20:00 mark we go deep into the Nerdverse with a discussion of Marvel and DC films, possibly spin-offs, and if "Cape and tights movies" could ever win a "Best Picture". Will Performance Capture artists ever have an Oscar category? We also get into the ranking systems, if past "Best" films pass the 5-year rule. Don't miss our follow-up podcast with Michael where we make all the Oscar picks and predictions!

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Feb 12, 2018

We here at DOF/P Podcast already knew we were fortunate fellows who have had a fun career and fantastic fans. But after talking to our contest winner, Ryan Lee, we were struck by the power and potential of our show. Ryan is not only one heck of a nice guy who has exquisite taste in podcasts and comedy actors, but he also bravely discusses his life with Autism. We are happy to give him and other's dealing with Autism a tiny megaphone to promote awareness and hope to get others to help deal with the issue. Not only did Ryan put a big smile on our faces, he also tugged at our heartstrings with an emotional and soul-bearing essay that he wrote about his life and Autism. Please take a look at AutismSpeaks.Org and donate what you can to the cause. 



Feb 2, 2018

It's dudes and dudettes for an in-depth look at diversity in the industry! DOFP regulars, Audrey Whitby and Jessica Marie Garcia join Kurt and Joey to talk about Jess' new @Netflix show, "On My Block" (starting March 16th), making unheard, diverse stories for TV & Film, educating the ignorant, and America's greatest export, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Plus, Kurt and Jess clear the air about the Golden Globes comments, and how we can tip the scales in favor of the dreamers. Audio Theater, new types of confetti cannons, and so much more!

Jan 22, 2018

We're feeling SUPER about our sit-down with Cooper Barnes, star of Nickelodeon's hit, "Henry Danger" and the new animated series, "The Adventures of Kid Danger". Joey, Kurt and Coop have a lively conversation that winds through the topic of 'Predator' weddings, politics, He-Man's tan, obsessed fans, how Cooper got into Superhero shape, and the unique relationship between co-stars 20 plus years apart in age. We were even lucky enough to have Cooper join us in a little "Audio Theater"! So while you're setting your DVR for Nickelodeon, Friday's at 6:30 to catch the animated version of "Captain Man" - you can enjoy the real 'Man', Cooper and the Dudes in this fun-filled episode!

Cooper can be found on Insta: therealcooperbarnes 

and twitter: @cooperbarnes

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Jan 15, 2018

Kurt and Joey are back, no guests, but so much 'Audio Theater', fun and uncensored conversation. We talk about the future/past of sex tapes, #TimesUP at the Golden Globes, economic segregation, firing a one-arm drummer, James Franco is on the list and what happens when Joey & Kurt attend a playoff game in L.A. 

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Jan 8, 2018

Starting off the 2018 with a huge episode! (and that's not a fat joke). We've got the creators, writers, executive producers of Disney's Liv And Maddie, John D. Beck and Ron Hart. We do discuss if "fat jokes" are too easy, what inspires a hit show, and how Joey went from "Sticky" to Joey. We also delve into where it all began for these two Hollywood hunks and what it was like to jump from Disney to Disjointed. What is the Future for television? And when the heck is their new show, "Knight Squad" airing on Nickelodeon? 

Look for their work on Netflix's "Disjointed" January 12th

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