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Never has a podcast had more fun analyzing the likes and differences of Millennials and Generation X. Comedians Kurt Long and Joey Bragg build bridges between generations using laughter, wit, understanding and nonsense. Joey's youthful exuberance, humor and determination are a great contrast to the more experienced Kurt's cautious skepticism and sarcasm. Together they dissect topics of the day from the perspectives of two entertainment industry professionals separated by 20+ years while providing plenty of laughs and insight. Neither claim to be experts or take themselves too seriously, so their conversations are always hilarious, cutting, and unique.
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Oct 23, 2017

The Dudes have their favorite Lady Dude in the studio, Audrey Whitby, to discuss the recent Weinstein news, the effect on Hollywood and gender relations in general. What does all this recent news mean for sexuality? Well, we (Literally) roll the love dice to let fate how we are going to approach each other from now on. We also review "Good Place", Michael Schur programs, Flea Bag, Roseanne, and American Vandal. And is "Solo" a good enough name for the new Star Wars film?





Oct 15, 2017

The Comedy Film Nerd himself, Chris Mancini joins the Dudes for a chat about the new & old Blade Runner films, fatherhood, running a podcast festival and if replicants use Vape Pens. SPOILER ALERT! 

If you haven't seen the Blade Runner 2049, just download and listen to this show afterwards. If you haven't watched the original (7 versions of) Blade Runner, then what's wrong with you? Don't you like Harrison Ford? He's an American Treasure!

Listen in as we diagnose the first film vs. the new one, If the Replicants are an allegory for slavery and when can we get a JOI bot? Big thanks to the great Chris Mancini for loaning us his Movie Expertise. If you'd like to laugh and hear all about great cinema, listen to Comedy Film Nerds podcast hosted by Chris and his co-host, Graham Elwood on the All Things Comedy podcast network. 

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Oct 5, 2017

We pledge to be a comedy heavy podcast, but that seems to be tougher and tougher these days. But we also pledge to bridge the gap between generations in regards to current events and societal issues. Again, usually with humor. So we try our best in this podcast to soldier on in the face of the worst mass shooting in America's history and the death of another American musical icon. So, even if you think you've heard it all about these topics, have a listen anyway. We not only discuss the events, but dig deep into other topics.


parenting in a time of terror, The Brady Bill, The Second Amendment & Muskets, and more.

Plus, we pay respects to Tom Petty with a Dude medley of some of his biggest hits.

And ending on a light note, we discuss the latest trend of "Stealthing" which is probably worse than it sounds. Enjoy!!

Thanks to everyone who downloads, subscribes and listens.

See you at L.A. Podfest 2017!

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Sep 28, 2017

PETER & TONY has been released! It's on Funny or Die and the brand new Dudes of Future/Past YouTube Channel! Please go check it out and share with everyone! EVERYONE!!!!

Our show focuses on the upheaval involving the National Anthem, our suggestions for a new version, and is it UnPatriotic to Kneel before a sporting event?

We start the show very excited, discussing our Peter & Tony launch, the YouTube Channel and our upcoming visit to the @LAPodfest

Then we get a sugar rush with an unplanned Ice Cream truck break and wonder what the business model is for such a venture? Bro/Step-Sis Porn problems. The lineage of Francis Scott Key. And why is there so much talk about Kneeling!?!!?




Sep 19, 2017

Kurt, Joey and special guest, Audrey Whitby dissect Stephen King's classic, old and new. Let's face it, new versions of old things usually have a hard time matching the original. So, just to be sure, Joey & Audrey watched the ABC miniseries version of "IT" before picking up Kurt and heading to the multiplex to watch the 2017 Film version. Have a listen to find out which Pennywise was more horrifying, which cast of kids were more horrified and which version won the battle of Future/Past. 

Plus, we discuss Joey's browser history, which is more polite, "Boobs" or "Knockers" and whether or not it's "cool" to keep Playboy magazines out in the open. And so much more!!!

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Sep 5, 2017

We aren't ones who immediately jump to the worst conclusion, but even we at DOFPCAST are a little more than concerned with recent events. Multiple devastating Hurricanes, flooding, a fiery Burbank, Trump is still in office and Kim Jong Un is feeling frisky with the Nuke button. Sounds like the "end of the world as we know it".  (Thanks REM)

Dark as it seems, we keep calm and carry on. Joey and Kurt discuss what it was like to live in the Cold War and watch it dissolve, only to seemingly reappear today. Can Millennials fathom the country-wide fear-inducing phenomenon, "The Day After"? And what are your suggestions for making Kim Jong Un a little more cuddly?

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Aug 29, 2017

We here at the DOFPCast aren't haters. Not our style. But there is something about Jake Paul that annoys the hell out of us. So we talk about it here. Is he using his 'influencer' powers for good or evil. Or is he even smart enough to have a plan?

We also discuss the YouTube generation, where it started, who is on top now and where it's going. From PewDiePie to Rhett & Link to Miranda Sings, we cover it most.

Also on the podcast:

- Previous podcast update on the Drake and Josh situation.

- Ed Skrein gives up a huge film role in the name of inclusivity. He's so awesome! follow @edskrein

- Help out Hurricane Harvey victims in Houston. Donate to the Red Cross, United Way, Salvation Army, etc.

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Aug 22, 2017

Friday 8/18/2017 - The day after Kurt saw Hamilton. Finally! It's been a long wait since Kurt discovered the musical, it's songbook, and had purchased season seats at the Pantages over a year ago so that he could secure Hamilton tickets. And it was all worth it!! We discuss Hamilton, the live event versus the soundtrack experience, taking the family and NOT sharing a table at Shake Shack with strangers. 

In the second half of the podcast we delve into the horrors that occurred last weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia and the aftermath a week later. It does get serious and dark at points but Joey & Kurt resolve to do all they can to keep hope and happiness alive. 

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Aug 10, 2017

As our sociological podcast experiment pitting Millennials versus Generation X continues, we dip into how a Millennial gets made! The millennial in question is none-other then our very own Co-host, Joey Bragg! And our special Guests are his parents, Melanie & Ken. They are here to answer all the important questions, like - "How did you meet and fall in love?", "What was Joey like as a young kid?", and "When did you know he was going to be America's Sweetheart?" It's a super fun show with a lot of laughs, singing Frasier's theme song, and discussing all the uncomfortable topics related to family, fame, sex and relationships. 

We are also #BLESSED to have the beautiful and talented Audrey Whitby on the show to help ease Joey's nerves related to having his relations on the show. 

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Aug 4, 2017

If you're a fan of quality cinema, baseball or "The Walking Dead", you've witnessed the magic of Lew Temple. A chameleon of an actor, Lew got his start in the "Business" only after a brief stint in major league baseball. Now, Mr. Temple is set for big-time stardom on the screen with a starring turn as super "creep" Terry in the Relativity pictures "Kidnap", alongside Halle Berry. Hear Lew discuss the process of going dark as a man who swipes children for parts. Lew and the boys also talk on-set manners, where the business is heading and surviving Leukemia. It's a mega-episode of Lew!

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Jul 31, 2017

Join the party as we feature a star-studded celebration of Joey's 21st birthday features some of our great friends dropping by to raise a glass to the now-legal-drinking-age cohost! So Joey and Kurt quickly get "Merry" as the show goes along. It's our most outrageous, funny and sometimes emotional shows ever! We have a Liv & Maddie Reunion featuring Kali Rocha, Tenzing Trainor, Jessica Marie Garcia, Victoria Moroles, Jimmy Bellinger, Shelby Wulfert, Shak Gacha and Lucas Adams, along with Audrey & Maddy Whitby and so many more.

Jul 24, 2017

Celebrating a full year of podcasting, the Dudes are happy to welcome former "Liv & Maddie" co-star and current friend, Shelby Wulfert @shelbywulfert . Shelby not only brings her delightful demeanor but also a lesson in Veganism. We discuss our carnivorous ways and if we could ever go "no meat". We dine on an all-vegan lunch and discuss it's merits. Will the boys be pulled to the Vegan side? Listen and find out.

Plus, right at the top, we get a special guest appearance from Joey's Mom, who called right as we were beginning to record. We think Mom might have to make a regular call-in to the show! Let us know if you feel the same:

or @dofpcast on twitter and instagram.


And yes, there's a tiny bit of Audio Theater but, well, see what Shelby does to it...


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Jul 17, 2017

Joey is seeing the last few days of 20 fly by as we discuss the upcoming 21st Birthday and what it all means. Will Joey go on a drinking/gambling binge? Does he have any special plans for his first "legal ID" booze purchase? Or is it just a number? And can Kurt even remember his 20's? We discuss this big life moment and encourage all of you to peruse Joey's Amazon wishlist for his birthday on the 20th of July.

Plus we take a long look at Gender Fluidity! Did Vogue magazine screw up with it's article claiming Zane and Gigi are practically fluid because they share clothes? Twitter seems to think so. Or is it better to just get the conversation out there, even if it is a little overblown?

We discuss bathroom issues for the Gender issues that weren't around in Kurt's youth. Will future generations even care about gender? And how can we all learn to accept each other?  Yeah, we get a little deep!

Of course, we have some hilarious Audio Theater for you!

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Jul 14, 2017

It's Bastille day and the birthday of theme song writer/producer, former guest, Michelle Lewis! Michelle and her husband, Dan, were kind enough to visit us in the 'Coop' on a record day, in order to get a feel for the show in order to write our theme song. We convinced them to be guests on the show and it's probably one of our best ideas yet. Michelle and Dan were delightful, funny and so interesting. So we thought it'd be a fun way to celebrate her efforts to go back and insert the theme song she worked so hard on, into the show she appeared on. Joey's audio is a little low at the top but it gets better throughout. (we were such a young podcast back then, so audio issues happened). Enjoy!

And please don't forget to spread the word about the podcast. Tell friends, share links, rate and review on Itunes! 

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Jul 10, 2017

We did it! We made it to the BIG 5-0! So thankful to you for downloading, subscribing, writing positive reviews and trashing @TomHanks on twitter in our behalf! Couldn't do the show without you, fair listener! And to reward you for your patronage, we present one of our best shows yet! A 50 Ep-stravaganza, if you will. Won't you?

Today's show is all about (mostly) Spider-man! We review the latest, "Spider-man: Homecoming", (Spoiler Alert) give out our "Acting MVP's", and rate the entire Spider-man movie canon. (Well, not the super-old made-for-TV one) Who is our favorite webslinger; Tobey, Andrew or Tom? Listen and find out!

Plus we bring a bag full of "Audio Theater" and welcome our secret producer, Curtis Marlborough, along with special guests, "Mark Wahlberg" and "Sly Stallone". It get's crazy. 

Thank you for listening and spreading the word about the show and write to @LAPodfest about having us there!

Have a great week!

Jul 3, 2017

Fear not, dear listeners! We are back from our vacation in time for your Independence Day listening! Joey and Kurt recap the previous week: Kurt's Birthday, Trump's Twitter war, Travel confrontations, Fighting Tom Hanks, Canada's laws, and too many Oreos! We missed you! Please check out the latest animated DUDES from @HaleyKlassen on YouTube:


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Jun 22, 2017

Say it ain't so, Drake and JO - SH. Drake and Josh seem to be "no more" as Josh leaves Drake off his wedding guest list and for some reason, we talk about that and even do an "audio theater" about it. Plus we pitch "Reverse Truman Show", and explore Joey's painful past with the song "Sweet Home Alabama". Is Kurt a bad father if he DOESN'T get his son a phone? Will watching "Mike Phelps race a shark" be a thing? And the downfall of Austin Jones! All this and more, on another quality episode of "Dudes of Future/Past"!

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Jun 19, 2017

Annie Sertich, Groundlings Main Company actor and star of her own acclaimed One-Woman show, "How to Not Kill Yourself for 30 days... And the next 330" stops by the chicken coop to chat with us. Before she heads to London and then onto Edinburgh, Scotland for a month-long stint of her show, Annie talks to us about her experiences with ghosts, rat-tailed men, character work, teaching performers to commit and so much more! It's a must-listen! If you love Annie like we do, and you're going to be in Scotland this summer, make sure to see her amazing show at the Fringe festival. Tickets are available through her instagram:


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Jun 12, 2017

The boys are back with a Summer Kick-off episode! The discussion ranges from Gay Pride week festivities, Street Food Cinema, a belated movie review of 1991's "Beauty and the Beast" from Joey, The future/past of Nudity, a duet of Fastball's "The Way", Stressful Birthdays, nasty comments on social media and a Skype interview with Dudes of Future/Past animator, @haleyklassen

Please check out Haley's animation of one of our episodes on her YouTube page: HaleyNicole entitled "Texting Miscommunication and Dying".

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Jun 5, 2017

He's Back! After over a month and a half of filming in Boston, Joey returns to the Coop and he brings his better half, Audrey Whitby! We play a little catch-up, talk about the shoot, Joey's reaction to Boston and all the stuff in between! Shaking the rust off with some Audio Theater at the top of the show! Thanks for being a listener and email us thoughts, complaints, suggestions but mostly compliments!




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May 24, 2017

Still no Joey. Typical Millennial - Too busy working 14 hour days on a film all the way across the country to get a podcast together! Luckily, Kurt has a lot to say about recent events and a great friend to say it with! That friend is none other then Brad MacDonald. You've seen him in dozens of Progressive commercials, heard him in Japanese anime voice work and maybe you've perused his social media @bradleybumper. Now you get to hear him discuss 'Music' with Kurt. They delve into the recent tragedy in Manchester, England, the loss of the great Chris Cornell and the elation of sharing their experiences at U2's two shows at Pasadena's Rose Bowl. We explore mental illness, music as a connective tissue for people of various backgrounds and there's even a little "Audio Theater" sprinkled in there.

Soon we hope to have Joey and Kurt back together, (Lord knows we have a lot to discuss), but for now, please enjoy our ramblings here and let us know how you are:


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May 3, 2017

While Joey's away in Boston, Kurt shall Play and record a mini podcast for your listening pleasure. Kurt explains the lack of podcasts recently due to Joey's absence. Plus, he talks about his hometown of Boston and the recent ugly news coming from Fenway park. Keeping with the Boston theme, Kurt discusses the reinvention of Mark Wahlberg. Enjoy.

Thanks as always to our theme song writers/producers, Michelle Lewis and Dan Petty.

Also want to thank Chris Holmes for the long-term microphone rental as well as graphic designer, Dave Cogan for all his work with our logos and such. 


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Apr 21, 2017

So proud of our new theme song, we couldn't wait to share it with our fans, and even our enemies. Thanks again to Michelle Lewis, @mlewey and Dan Petty for this wonderful theme! We delved into our archives and did some editing so our guests could get the proper production value they deserve. And in honor of Bert Kreischer's recent appearance on Comedy Central's "Comedy Jam", (singing "Take Me Higher" with Scott Stapp of Creed), we thought we'd reissue this great episode. We have an honest, hilarious, engaging conversation with Bert that we know you'll love. So if you've heard it before, you still get to hear our brand new song, and if you haven't, you get a full on quality podcast for your enjoyment. Tell your friends to subscribe and download!

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Apr 21, 2017

So excited about our brand new theme song, (Many thanks again to Michelle Lewis & Dan Petty), we couldn't wait to share it with all of you! We went back into the archives and inserted it into some of our guest shows so we could sound like a professional podcast! Thought it was the least we could do to give our guests the respect they deserve. And they get more publicity! (So please follow @JimmyPardo on twitter, download his podcast 'Never Not Funny' and tell him we sent you)

Plus, it's a great way to get more downloads!

If you've already heard the interview, at least you get to hear the new podcast. If you haven't, all the better! Welcome to the Dudes of Future/Past podcast family!

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Apr 17, 2017

We love all of the guests that have come by the chicken coop to chat with us. So many diverse folks with amazing outlooks on life, have sprinkled their magic on us and we are so grateful. It's a task and a half to coordinate just Kurt and Joey's schedules, but to also pick a perfect time to accommodate our guests is extremely tough sometimes. This is one of those times. Sadly, Joey was too busy working in films and stuff to be around on the day we could snare Jordan Brady for the show, so, sadly, it's only half of the Dudes for this interview. But the good news is, Jordan was such a treat to talk to and we know you're going to love listening to all his stories about directing the I Am Comic documentaries, (There are three of them now!), Directing commercials, Going to Coachella with his son, bombing auditions as an actor and teaching others how to be top-notch commercial directors. There are a lot of laughs, wisdom and heart in this podcast to make up for the lack of Joey-ness. So listen and enjoy.

Please go see Jordan's latest film: I AM BATTLE COMIC -

Pre Orders are available now on his website: JORDANBRADY.COM

and you can hit him up on facebook and Twitter: @DirJordanBrady

Tell him you heard him here on @dofpcast

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