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Never has a podcast had more fun analyzing the likes and differences of Millennials and Generation X. Comedians Kurt Long and Joey Bragg build bridges between generations using laughter, wit, understanding and nonsense. Joey's youthful exuberance, humor and determination are a great contrast to the more experienced Kurt's cautious skepticism and sarcasm. Together they dissect topics of the day from the perspectives of two entertainment industry professionals separated by 20+ years while providing plenty of laughs and insight. Neither claim to be experts or take themselves too seriously, so their conversations are always hilarious, cutting, and unique.
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Feb 27, 2017

I'm sure it's been said many times before, so I fought the urge to lead this episode summary with, "We live in stressful times" and instead start with, "We live in differently stressful times". Sure, we don't have to outrun dinosaurs, live with the plague or live without air conditioning, but we do seem to have a lot of other things to worry about nowadays. Paying rent, saving the environment, terrorism, loss of human rights. Oh wait, those have been around for a while. Unstable President with a twitchy twitter trigger? That's new. 

Joey and Kurt, being from different generations have a lot of different daily life stresses and a number of shared concerns as well. How do we cope with all this stress? Find out on an all new DOFPCAST where we talk about money, health, commitments, kids, cats and whether or not we have four more years of Pres-Stress.

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Feb 20, 2017

A 'mega' storm hit Los Angeles creating a river outside the studio we call "The Chicken Coop". But did that stop Joey and Kurt in their pursuit of bringing you free, weekly entertainment and silliness? Heck no! We are here to meander, laugh, pick Oscars, and discuss the McDonald's menu that differs greatly from when Kurt was a youth. Plus, we are chock-full of "Audio-Theater" for you all. Hope you enjoy this hour plus of flood-induced anxiety and fun. As always, tell a friend or two about this, your favorite podcast, and subscribe and review on Itunes. It helps! 


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Feb 13, 2017

Joey and Kurt have talked about a lot of subjects over the course of the podcast, but nothing more heavy than this... DEATH! Sadly, Joey lost his grandmother recently and we felt it appropriate to honor her memory with a deep discussion of the fate we all hold. But the original recording was mysteriously ruined somehow. Ironic that a discussion of death could reach a similar fate? Yes! But we persevered in the face of adversity and sorrow and reconvened and brought the delightful Audrey Whitby to bring her perspective to the matter. And yes, though the subject matter is deep, we keep it fun and interesting while still honoring those we lost. Hope you enjoy and can find a little light even in the toughest of times. Thanks for the download and listen, we really appreciate your time. Email us your thoughts:

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Feb 6, 2017

Fresh off an amazing Super Bowl, we are here and delivering for your listening pleasure, a repeat! Or you could call it, a "re-issue" if that makes it more palatable. There is a new open to the show on this one which definitely makes it worth the download. Plus, if you are new to our podcast, it's timely subject matter. Football! Interesting to go back and listen to one of Joey and Kurt's earlier shows and see where they started to click as podcasters and see how far they've come since. Enjoy and remember, New shows on the way... Thanks, sincerely,

The Dudes


Feb 3, 2017

Jamie Kaler is a determined son of a gun. He once showed up to his neighborhood bar everyday for a month asking for a job until they relented and gave him one. It's that kind of stubborn drive and refusal to be denied that got him to Hollywood, parts on legendary shows like Friends, Will & Grace and his series regular part on TBS' "My Boys". Just under the wire of the Gen X timeline, Jamie regales us with stories about his stint in the Navy, failed pilot tests with Jenna Elfman, and getting alerted about bookings on his "beeper". Plus, fellow New Englanders, Kurt & Jamie, talk Patriots' championships and when will Joey be able to celebrate his Washington Football team in the Super Bowl? We all pick the score of the big game, so listen all the way through.

Check Jamie out on "America: Facts vs. Fiction" on the American History Channel

Also his podcast: Father Time w/Jamie Kaler on Itunes & Howl

Plus: "Dads In Parks" on Youtube

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Jan 30, 2017

Our brief national nightmare is over and Future Dude, Joey Bragg is back on the mic to talk about his recent dental woes. After being laid up with giant holes in his gums for over a week, Joey bravely recounts his experience at the dentist getting four wisdom teeth pulled. What's your biggest dental nightmare? Send us your stories Plus, we discuss great movies Kurt grew up with that Joey is just familiarizing himself with. Do they hold up? Will millennials appreciate them as much as the Gen Xers did? Plus, a visit from the recently deceased on another epic episode!


Jan 23, 2017

People across the country, nay, the WORLD, got together on Saturday, January 21st to remind the U.S. President that they will not be silenced. With Joey out sick this week, I thought it'd be best to have three incredible women who participated in the "Women's March" in Los Angeles come talk about the experience. And now you get to hear it too! And what an amazing idea it was, (If I do say so myself). @AudreyWhitby @JessMarieGarcia & @VictoriaMoroles came by the chicken coop on a rainy Sunday morning, fresh from the historic event to fill me in on what happened, who came, and what's next! The "Future" is Female! Can't thank these ladies enough for gracing the Coop and chatting with me. Enjoy and make sure to follow them all, & us on all social media! And send @JoeyBragg some get-well tweets!

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Jan 16, 2017

It's a tumultuous time in the Good Ole U.S. of A. and we could really use a great leader/activist like Martin Luther King Jr. So on the day set aside for celebrating the man, we felt it appropriate to discuss him, the holiday and all he meant to this country. In true DOF/P style, we cover a lot of ground, meandering from what MLK would be like if he could travel through time, how he'd feel about Trump and which stores have Sales in his honor and which states were the last to recognize MLK Day as a holiday? Lots of fun sprinkled throughout. Hope you enjoy! And in the true spirit of MLK, look around and see what you could do for others. He would really appreciate that. Plus, he'd want you to download all our episodes and tell all your friends to do the same... Okay, maybe that's a stretch. Have a great one -

The Dudes




Jan 9, 2017

Well, you knew we were going to cover "Star Wars" at some point, right? Here it is, almost as long as the first trilogy and way more fun & entertaining than the second trilogy, DOFPCast's take on the ever expanding SW universe. We give our reviews of "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" and dive into pretty much everything else. Which Star Wars character would we like to be? Who else deserves their own "Solo" treatment in a film? What were the Hog-like Henchmen thinking as they carried the "Carbonyte-Frozen Han" to Jabba's castle? And who are in our top-Five characters in the Star Wars canon?

Plus, we catch up over the Holiday Break, celebrate 20,000, and discuss the Coachella lineup for Summer 2017. Download, listen and love.

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Jan 3, 2017

Chemistry! That's what makes most Hollywood productions work. If there is no chemistry between castmates, directors and writers, producers and people who have all the money, then a creative project usually doesn't get off the ground. So when Joey and Kurt asked Audrey to be a guest on the first episode of the year, they knew it was going to be spectacular. For one, Audrey is a super fantastic, funny, adorable, intelligent, talented lady. And second, she's Joey's main squeeze. So we knew the chemistry would be off the charts. But how would the Dude dynamic work with one of their significant others in the room? Would there be jealousy? Would there be awkwardness? Sure! And it makes it one of our most amazing shows ever. We learn so much about the amazing Audrey, her American Girl Doll past, Her skills with freestyle, and how she has learned to share Joey with Kurt. All that and so much more. Its funny, informational and at times, tense! Listen in for the most spectacular podcast of the year!

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Dec 27, 2016

Happy Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza and Tuesday to you! Sorry for the delay on our usual Monday Podcast release. As I'm sure you understand, we take days off just like regular working folks for the holidays. And now we are back and bearing a gift of Tallman. You may remember him from the hilarious "Crossballs" or Channel 101's delightful hit, "Time Belt" or more recently from the Nickelodeon smash, "The Thundermans". And to us, he's a super hero as well, with a special power of making us laugh. We are so thankful Chris made some time for us here in the Coop so we could discuss his past performances, child rearing, impersonation contests, dealing with millennial co-stars and so much more! After a rough year all over the social stratosphere, we are so happy to end it (podcast-wise) on a high note with Chris. Enjoy!

One more thing, if you are still reading this, we wanted to thank you so much for subscribing and listening to our show. We do make an effort to entertain, make you laugh, spread some positivity and maybe even make you think a little bit. We welcome your input:


Thanks and we will see you soon in 2017!

- The Dudes


Dec 16, 2016

It's a good news/bad news situation in this episode of @DoFPCast ! Joey and Kurt dissect the state of journalism and how Millennials and Gen Xers absorb their news. In light of the recent "Fake News" epidemic that haunted the presidential election, maybe it's about time for an overhaul of the industry that intends to educate & inform. Do we have any bright ideas about it? Bad News...

But it is a fun show where we also discuss Joey's last shoot day on 'Wet Hot American Summer' and Kurt taking his kids to KROQ's Xmas fest Concert. Plus - R.I.P. Alan Thicke, Russian Hack and the sounds snails make when you step on em.

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Dec 12, 2016

These cold December days sure can put a toll on you. So many Xmas parties. Wet, slushy days of driving, parking, shopping and wrapping. Tiresome nights of consulting "Best/Worst of the year lists". It can really wear you down. That's when you need a little love from Mom. Or in this case, Joey's TV mom, the incredible Kali Rocha! What a treat for the end of the year/pre-inauguration blues! We are so delighted and thankful to have Kali in the chicken coop for over 2 hours of silliness, reflection, discussion and a little distastefulness. But most of all, it is some of the most fun you'll have all year. Seriously, we talked for over 2 hours, (had two pee breaks for the recording) and still could have talked for a few more. I'm excited for you, the listener, to hear it. So go ahead already!

Plus, be sure to follow Kali on twitter: @kalimrocha and watch her on Liv & Maddie: Cali Style as well as her new role on CBS's Man With A Plan. She amazing on both.

Joey: @joeybragg

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Dec 6, 2016

The Dudes go international! What? Canada counts as a different country! Kurt recaps his journey to Vancouver and contemplates a potential move up north. Meanwhile, Joey checks in at Court to follow up his recent arrest. The boys also dive into some of their best Audio Theater ever! Also covered in this week's episode - HBO's "Westworld", Not For Me segment  & Our first ever contest winner. Enjoy!

Nov 28, 2016

Sorry for the late cast, but this one is fresh off the mics. (insert Fire emoji) Yes, that's right, we just recorded this minutes before it's release. SO we're supes topical. Fresh off Thanksgiving, we discuss Holiday Traditions and how we blindly follow them. And as our tradition, we meander from there to topics of mental illness, Death, Black Friday and of course, our weekly tradition, "NOT FOR ME" segment. It's a fun filled episode to be sure. We also have a NEW RECURRING SEGMENT, "Audio Theater", SO hope you like it. Oh and we have a CONTEST THIS WEEK. LISTEN AND WIN. Email us your thoughts, criticism, praise and money to

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Nov 21, 2016

This time of year, it's common to look back over the events of the past 11 months, bemoan the problems and hope for the future. And who are we to buck that tradition? Joey & Kurt discuss the events of 2016 and try to put a positive spin on it all and somehow, express Thanks. I mean, that's what we are all supposed to do, right? Be thankful? It's Thanksgiving after all. And that means fun get togethers with delicious food, moderation, and delightful conversation. Or is it? Being Dudes of Future/Past, we discuss how the holiday has changed for us from the days of our youth to now when it's a lot more of a hassle. Which house are you eating at? Is your weird uncle going to be there? When do we stop just feeding into 'tradition' and start enjoying yourself, guilt-free? Probably never if family is involved. But compared to the first Thanksgiving, it's all gravy. Please forgive all of our factual miscues when we imagine the Pilgrims and the Native American's original dinner....

Speaking of Thanksgiving, we want to wish you a happy one. It's only been 5 months since we've started this podcast and it's amazing the response we've gotten so far. Hope you have a stress-free holiday filled with family and friends that are more awesome than obligation. And of course, thanks to all the great folks who have helped make @dofpcast a reality. Shout out to Dave Cogan, Chris Holmes, Michelle Lewis and all our previous guests to date.

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Nov 14, 2016

2016 has been an uneasy year in a lot of ways. In addition to one of the most bizarre presidential races in history, the year was also marred by the deaths of so many talented and celebrated artists. This week, that trend continued. Donald J. Trump becomes the President-Elect (and yes, we are all holding off as long as we can before just calling him 'President') and we also lost poet/musician, Leonard Cohen. The hits just keep coming... And now the nation is in full upheaval, with the losing side hitting the streets to protest and vocalize their displeasure. Some on the other side, the so-called victors who take Trump's win as just the empowerment they needed to be the worst versions of themselves, are telling anyone who isn't their skin tone that they are going to have to leave. And it's not just people in rural areas getting attacked. Celebrities in Hollywood are being called "Cucks" to their faces in bars and being prodded to fight. Oh, and our sweet, lovable Joey Bragg... well, he's been arrested! Listen in and find out all about his ordeal and so much more. And let's be better out there people!




Nov 9, 2016

Reeling from last night's horror show of an election result, Joey & Kurt convene to get the raw, rambling and real reaction to the announcement that Donald J. Trump will be given the keys to the kingdom. I'll be honest, it's not a lot of laughs in this episode. Try as we might, it was just too hard in the face of the recent news that our country just made what could be the biggest mistake of its history. We go through all the stages of grief here and hope it helps you cope with whatever it is you're going through right now as well. It was somewhat cathartic for us to get it all out but in the end, we are still stuck facing a very uncertain future. But we are determined to not go quietly, but rather strengthen our resolve that we must promote love, kindness, equal opportunity, tolerance and understanding. So, if you agree or disagree with us, have a listen and let us know how we can move forward and improve this country. Fingers crossed....


Nov 7, 2016

WAIT!!! If you are listening to this before listening to Part One of our conversation with writer/actor/comedian/host/cross-fit enthusiast Dave Holmes, then go back and download it first! Listen in order! Or don't. It really doesn't matter. It's such a fun, interesting and enlightening episode with Dave that no matter how you digest it, it's going to make your life better. Hit Dave up @daveholmes and let him know you heard him here! Thanks for listening and don't forget to VOTE!





Nov 5, 2016

Joey and I wanted to make sure you had two more people rehashing the election coverage in your ears in the three days before the election. So here it is! But don't worry, we also talk Joey's latest acting gig, Cubs winning, Dave Chappelle on SNL and more! It's our fastest, fat-free episode ever! Perfect for a half-hour run on the treadmill or waiting for your cookies to bake! Enjoy and thanks for listening!


Oct 31, 2016

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is indeed our pleasure to have the amazingly talented Dave Holmes in the Coop this week. In fact, our discussion with him was so fantastic, we had to split it into two podcasts! Dave was gracious enough to take time from his busy schedule of DJing for Sirius Radio, writing for Esquire, making several podcasts himself and just being an all around great person to visit with us for over 2 hours. Our conversation covers a lot of his life and career, along with so many Dudes stories including catheters! So enjoy part one of our conversation and look for part two in the next few days. And Happy Halloween!

@daveholmes to tweet our guest.



Oct 24, 2016

Joey is still at an age appropriate for rebelling, but for Kurt, those days are long passed. Still, both enjoy the punk rock ethos of Green Day who turns ripe old age of 23 as a band. The release of their latest studio album, Revolution Radio proves they can still rock as they have in the past, but they continue to evolve as well.  From a career that started with a riot (in Boston) to now where Billy Joe is starring in a comedy film, 'Ordinary World', they've been hard to pin down. Listen in as we discuss the idea of Punk, selling out, growing up and how Green Day has managed to do it all.




Oct 17, 2016

The biggest rock stars in history announced that they would be playing a three-day festival together  in Indio, California about 5 months ago. The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney, Neil Young, The Who and Roger Waters all playing the same stage in one epic weekend! What idiot would miss the opportunity to knock off a Rock God Bucket list in one fell swoop? Kurt Long. I am that idiot. But luckily for me, my less idiotic podcast partner Joey Bragg jumped in with both feet and came back still tingly days after the event. Listen in as Joey recounts what he calls a "Life-changing" event. Sure, my fellow Gen Xers may cynically scoff at this claim, but Joey makes a pretty convincing argument as to why Desert Trip, aka "Old"-Chella was something for the ages. (Specifically Boomers and Millennials)


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Oct 10, 2016

Our first double guest show turns out to be one of our best yet, proving the point that More is definitely the Merrier. We asked friend & fantastic singer/songwriter Michelle Lewis & her husband Dan Petty to come by and experience the show live so they could get a good feel for the Dudes & write a theme song for us. What happened instead was one of the most amazing, natural, funny and passionate conversations we've ever had. Lots of stuff to enjoy here. We talk Music (Old & New), doubting your parent skills & Michelle's fight with the Dept. Of Justice! And They are going to help us with a theme song to boot! You are going to love this one!

Download past shows, Review and tell your friends to do the same! Thanks for listening and we'd love to hear from you!

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Oct 4, 2016

There are plenty of differences between Gen X & Millennials, but the love of Football seems to be a tie that binds. Joey & Kurt dig deep on the sport of football, privileged players, huge salaries, bigger hits, head trauma, racist team names and a possible future of "Flag Football", and more. If you love or hate the game you'll find something to relate to as the boys pick the game apart from all sides. What is America's obsession? Why do we glorify these gladiators? Should we love it as much as we do? Have a listen and find out. Thanks and Enjoy!


Never has a podcast had more fun analyzing the likes and differences of Millennials and Generation X. Comedians Kurt Long and Joey Bragg build bridges between generations using laughter, wit, understanding and nonsense. Joey's youthful exuberance, humor and determination are a great contrast to the more experienced Kurt's cautious skepticism and sarcasm. Together they dissect topics of the day from the perspectives of two entertainment industry professionals separated by 20+ years while providing plenty of laughs and insight. Neither claim to be experts or take themselves too seriously, so their conversations are always hilarious, cutting, and unique.

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